The stone building was built by Hugh Rodd, a British immigrant and entrepreneur, who settled in Canoe Cove in the 1920s. He and his brother established a boat building operation there and in Victoria.

Hugh ran the Canoe Cove location and managed the marina, which was modest at the time. In 1935 he built his family home at the Cove, situated in a private setting surrounded by gardens. The English style manor was built with locally quarried stones and showcased well-crafted features in its hand hewed beams, decorative leaded windows and fir floors. He called his home The Landing and shared it with his wife Vivienne and daughter Joan.

Canoe Cove was sold in 1958 when Canoe Cove Ship Yard became Canoe Cove Manufacturing.

In 1985 The Landing was transformed into the Stonehouse Pub and has been a favourite spot for the Canoe Cove community, ferry travellers and residents of the Greater Victoria area ever since. The building has maintained many of its original features and materials making it a unique and charming historic dining experience nestled amongst the gardens in its original private location.

It’s been almost 90 years since Hugh Rodd built his beautiful English manor. We’re sure he’d be happy to know that the marina continues to thrive and his home is well-loved and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Welcome to the Stonehouse Pub, where we invite you to try us again for the first time!