The name Porto Osteria is Italian; Porto means Port or Haven, Osteria means peasant food and wine.  It is our hope that we are able to provide our guests with simple, elegant foods that rings true to their Italian origins.

Our team includes our wonderful, creative staff, our sous chefs, servers, bakers, and pastry chiefs, as well as Graden and myself, Leslie.  We focus on freshly made locally supported items.  For that we have a wonderful supporting cast of coffee roaster (Bows X Arrows Coffee) Silk Road Tea, and our small local farms for produce, egg farmers, as well as many local butchers, fromagerie, distilleries, local mills, brew houses, vineyards, and our sommelier.

They say a restaurant is like a child, and our child has a whole village raising it.   We hope you come and enjoy a meal, try our freshly baked goodies, or even take home some freshly made pasta.